I've grown tired of playing Style by the rules.

I've had a wonderful 6 years of training and mentorship in the Fashion Industry, with my native Caribbean Aesthetic and London/ New York grooming, but as I learned more and more from my clients, the rules seemed less relevant. Appearances are only skin deep, but connecting with our authentic selves makes us truly beautiful. My focus is to help you explore your unique personal style from an introspection. You'll be surprised how your life can change when you connect who you are inside, with what you show the world.

Fashion may have inspired my recent move to NYC, but something about the city has stimulated my writing bone. While I am still Style Coaching, freelance Style and Lifestyle writing projects have occupied most of my days. Everyone in New York has 5 jobs, don't they?

My writing has been published in The US, Canada, UK and the Caribbean. 

Most recent bylines can be found at Refinery29, Gal-dem, Fashion Bomb Daily, and Fashion Focus Magazine.