Forging my way in fashion

July 26, 2015

Seven weeks ago I put all insecurities behind me and made my way to Belmont, to shoot pictures with one of my absolute favourite photographers; Elise Romany. With my face glamoured by Jaumark Pierre, I was feeling pretty fly, but still hesitant about posing in front of another person (I have grown quite accustomed to the intimacy of le célfie). Elise taught me how to look fierce and pose like nobody’s watching. Thank goodness.


Interviewing for me is always easy. I talk a lot. Not shy there at all! The cheerful sit-down came a few weeks later.


Today, a while after my lesson in smizing with Ms. Romany, is the beautifully written profile of my style story by Roslyn Carrington, in one of the most revered publications in our country.


Go get Today’s Guardian newspaper where they are sold, or read it here:


Pink printed Romper by Sew Lisa

Beaded Bracelets by Turtle Warriors and available on

Images provided by Elise Romany Photography






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