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Stephanie's writing career started in 2012 with the Caribbean Fashion Blog (NMFV)

As a fashion stylist, she was commissioned by various magazines and blogs to add her voice to style stories and designer interviews, as well as lifestyle pieces. Bylines include Refinery29, Fashion Bomb Daily, Fashion Focus Magazine, and The Trinidad and Tobago Guardian newspaper. 

In 2017 she began her transition to NYC to further a thriving career in fashion, but instead unexpectedly put the brakes on it.

The move from Trinidad to New York deepened her curiosity about how Caribbean culture adapts as it moves beyond the region. Lately she writes about the implications of our "hybridity".

Stephanie is the winner of the 2022 Iowa Review Fiction Award, and the 2020 BCLF Elizabeth Nunez Caribbean American Writer's Prize. 

She is currently working on her first novel.

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"We get our ears wrung in school for speaking in dialect. “Broken English” they call it. As though when this English broke it didn’t sprout a genius infusion of diverse cultures into a new living vernacular."

Stephanie Ramlogan

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"The discipline of her fiction is canny, ironic, and searingly honest. Her dogged pursuit of excellence is cultivated in empathy, entrepreneurship, and zeal"

Shivanee Ramlochan; poet, arts reporter and book blogger

" is a staple for those interested in Caribbean fashion. A smart cutting critique of the state of the fashion industry, it has been stepping on toes while winning fans."

Roslyn Carrington, Trinidad and Tobago Guardian Newspaper

"Stephanie has been instrumental in shaping the voice and brand of Les Îles, with authentic and compelling narrative on Caribbean artistic talent, bringing an intellectual, thought provoking dimension to our niche audience."

Anjeni Ramtahal, Founder or Les Îles Caribbean Art Gallery

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Judge comments: “This story felt so fully realized, so absolutely accomplished, as though it had emerged in one breath from the story’s narrator, a soucouyant, who teaches us about our failures to revere the bodies of old women, our blindness to the beauty of their wrinkled skin. She teaches us, too, about the thrill and freedom of flight, in passages of such lyrical beauty that I, too, was ready to sell my soul to become a soucouyant.”

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Image by Jakayla Toney

"Interview with award-winning Caribbean fiction author Stephanie Ramlogan"

By Mackenzie Littledale

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