Stephanie's writing career started in 2012 with her Caribbean Fashion Blog

As a fashion stylist, she was commissioned by various magazines and blogs to add her voice to style stories and designer interviews. Bylines include Refinery29, Fashion Bomb Daily, Fashion Focus Magazine, XX the Mag and The Trinidad and Tobago Guardian newspaper. 

In 2018. She moved to NYC to further her career in fashion, but instead put the brakes on it.

The move from Trinidad to New York inspired a deepening curiosity into the nuances of immigration, and the subtleties of Caribbeanness that make it special.

After being short-listed for the BCLF Caribbean Nunez Writer's Prize in 2019, and winning it in 2020, Stephanie is now dedicated to uplifting Caribbean Stories through both fiction and non, and dissecting the impact of the heritage on the contemporary diaspora.



"The Case of the Missing Eggs"

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She turned the knob to get the stove started for breakfast. It must have been very early. The sun was not out yet. It was particularly noisy for this hour in Caroni, Mammy thought, as she wrestled with the fire that would not light. She walked to the fridge to get the cheese. What she saw stopped her cold. It was not just that the fridge shelves were now completely empty, but that through the transparent glass, she could see into the crisper, and there was something in there that could not be. Frightened, she slowly pulled open the drawer and took out her mother's beras.



February 2019

“People assimilate not as a matter of admiration, but more as a means of survival”

We consciously dilute our inflections for acceptance and to be better understood. Over time we have been conditioned to assimilate to avoid the negative stereotypes. Yet, “Freshwater Yankee” is a term Trinidadians give to our people when they return from the US with American slang squeezed into a now unrecognizable Trini accent. We would often poke fun at how quickly we surrender our natural way of speaking, and adopt the foreign tongue, saying that it is picked up as soon as we enter the airport.

In the past I thought people did this because they idolised the American way, and felt a desire to belong. Anything foreign seemed better. But now, I see it as less of a matter of admiration, and more as a means of survival. It does not matter what we say, but how we say it – we can be the most highly educated in the room, but our accents are still met with prejudice and racial stereotypes of incompetence.



No More Fashion Victims
Bene Caribe
Les Îles

No More Fashion Victims is a lifestyle blog by Stephanie Ramlogan, with critical and explorative insight into Fashion, Carnival and Identity in the Caribbean and its diaspora.

The Bene Caribe blog features interviews with remarkable Caribbean women, doing good for the region, like Dr. Winnette McIntosh Ambrose; engineer-turned-entrepreneur, two-time Food Network Champion and restauranteur, Media Powerhouse Vanessa James and Diving Olympian Katura Horton-Perinchief.

The Les Iles blog discusses the value and importance of Caribbean Art, and shares interviews with the impressive Caribbean artists listed in their online gallery, like Suchitra Mattai and Elladj Deloumeaux.


We have our family name, blood type and doubles order in our medical records. It is on our birth paper.

The Homemade Doubles Debate | Stephanie Ramlogan



and her No More Fashion Victims blog

"The discipline of her fiction is canny, ironic, and searingly honest. Her dogged pursuit of excellence is cultivated in empathy, entrepreneurship, and zeal"

Shivanee Ramlochan; poet, arts reporter and book blogger

" is a staple for those interested in Caribbean fashion. A smart cutting critique of the state of the fashion industry, it has been stepping on toes while winning fans."

Roslyn Carrington, Trinidad and Tobago Guardian Newspaper

"Stephanie has been instrumental in shaping the voice and brand of Les Îles, with authentic and compelling narrative on Caribbean artistic talent, bringing an intellectual, thought provoking dimension to our niche audience."

Anjeni Ramtahal, Founder or Les Îles Caribbean Art Gallery



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